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A History of The Dicker - Two Sussex Villages
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Herbert Sackett & Bertha Smith's Wedding Day, c1933 in Canterbury, Kent

Welcome to my Family History website.  My name is Carole Vidler, and I live in Kent, UK.  In 2001 I began researching the lives of our ancestors.  This has been a fascinating and rewarding experience, and I created this website to share my findings, and to pay tribute to my ancestors, whose lives were sometimes nothing more than a struggle for survival.

I did not want a collection of just names and dates; I wanted to to know where and how my ancestors lived.  I was also intrigued to see what they looked like, and so began this online family album.

The website has brought forth new information and previously unseen photographs of our families, and I extend my thanks to the many people who have allowed me to use their photographs, and also written personal accounts of their ancestors' lives.

I hope you will enjoy browsing through my website, and that you will find information about your ancestors here.  I will continue to develop the site as time permits, so please send me your photos and stories, and help preserve the past for future generations.

There are two new sections; 'Mystery Photographs' which houses unidentified photos believed to be associated with our family, and 'Unwanted Certificates', where we offer our unwanted birth, marriage & death certificates.  A further section 'Family Reunions' is planned to record family reunions brought about by Family History research.

If you have a connection with our family I would love to hear from you, so please get in touch;  my email address is

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